Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Faith still sick, but not consistently sick. I may take her to the vet today, or possibly wait until tonight. I cooked her nice white rice, and now she's sleeping at my feet. She's certainly up for playing, posing for my madcap Polaroid, or tearing apart her latest toy. Human speech would be a help right now. Something like, "I ate a bad clam. I'll be better soon. Just let me watch soaps."

Latest update on the "Creating a Life" book, which I ranted about below: it's been a sales flop, despite wall-to-wall media coverage. Theories abound, including: the women who are experiencing this don't want to plunk down cash to read MORE bad news--it's not as if you can go back in time and have those babies and snag that husband--and the women who don't want to have it happen to them have gotten the gist from the news. I feel for the writer, who seems to think she was writing something "prescriptive" (or that's the spin she's taking now), but I would point you to a wonderful review on Amazon of the book by a man in his 50s who questions the whole point of view of the book.

Today I get to see Julia Sweeney in a work in progress! Yeah, baby!


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