Thursday, August 29, 2002


Well, about three weeks ago I stepped on my scale (something I don't do very often, and don't recommend), and the number it read did not please me.

So I joined Weight Watchers Online.

Being a Gemini, I will always be ambivalent about this. Part of me thinks that Diets Are a Tool of the Man.

And part of me really misses the way I looked when I was running 10Ks every month. And part of me doesn't like having my knees ache after I jog.

So far, success: 5.5 pounds lost in two weeks. When I get to reinvent the English language, I'm going to overhaul this whole "losing weight" paradigm, because frankly, along with supersizing and our primate physiology, I think the idea that you are losing a part of yourself is a big fat roadblock to...let us say "weight changing" success.

The additional cool thing is that Weight Watchers has a vibrant, lively, highly international online gaggle of gals, posting up a storm, sometimes about food, weight, exercise, but often about books, movies, life, dogs, and even farming, which for this urbanite is exotic and fascinating. And, because I am very intrigued by marketing, it's been fun to watch more and more women in a book topic, over the course of some days, get excited by "The Lovely Bones." Which I will read. Soon. I promise. I just love watching word of mouth happen online, because it gives me hope for so many things, from women's liberation to...well, human liberation.

Plus, I found an awesome red lentil soup recipe.


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