Wednesday, March 03, 2004


This marks, I think, the fourth time I knew somebody (in this case, somebodies) who was nominated for an Oscar; they were, like almost everyone else in Hollywood, crushed by the Cheerful Furry Hobbit Juggernaut. (I am slightly in awe of the Hobbit Juggernaut, because, before the movies came out, I don't think I heard a single person in "the industry" say he or she thought it was a good idea at all. And how amazing for Peter Jackson and Team not just to make three movies back to back, but to, well, transform an entire country's economy--without waging war!) Still, in regards my Oscar nom acquaintances: I think they should have gotten a special prize for being a gifted, still-married writer-director team with a sense of humor, but, hey, that's when I run the universe.

In other random news, Faith traded sweet tail wags and sniffs with a miniature Doberman, male. More and more, I think she craves a tiny boyfriend, but I could be wrong.

I had a really good horoscope today on Free Will Astrology. And you probably do, too:

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is rising about a minute earlier each morning and setting a minute later every evening. As a result, you're drinking in about 15 minutes more sunlight every week. The psychological effect of this steady influx has been slowly growing, and, in concert with certain astrological influences, will soon reach critical mass. As a result, you will become sun-like: a luminous beacon of warmth. Everything you shine upon will look brighter, and your own beauty will be highly visible, too. It will be a perfect time, therefore, to make a dramatic move that helps you pursue your dreams harder and smarter.


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