Wednesday, June 30, 2004


One of my dog's favorite people in the world is leaving the Mile Square City, and I am a little sad. David, Faith's friend, was one of the first people Faith met who took her for the dog she could be rather than immediately reacting to the breed everybody's freaked out about these days. David, a finance guy with a big fondness for race car driving, first met Faith when he was working on his car in his garage. Due to his wife's allergies, he couldn't have a dog, and, well...the dog hunger was palpable. Faith loved David, and especially his Garage of Big Smells. David loved Faith in a guy-ish, roughhousy way. They would wrestle and play, while I marvelled at the transformation of my somewhat nervous dog. Faith sometimes sat outside David's garage, even when David wasn't there, hoping somehow, he would materialize.

It was a big step for Faith, who can look intimidating, and had not had an easy first couple of years. Along the way, it became clear that David and I probably didn't vote the same way, but by the time I found that out, it didn't matter. I was pretty thrilled somebody would look beyond the pit bull label to see Faith's greatness. Thanks in part to David, Faith began to approach strangers as opportunities for fun, not potential threats.

Yesterday, we bumped into David along a river park. He and his family are off to New England and rural living. Faith and David had a final happy wrestle. Something great happened in that smelly garage, and I will miss it. And Faith will, too.


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