Wednesday, February 02, 2005


It's very wild to write two (short) books in under three months, most especially when one's shoulder is hurting like hell. But I did it, and I hope that some of the words actually make sense. My editor will let me know shortly. And then I'll probably do two blogs for the books, because I think it will help. The people and the pets and the books. Hope so.

That's all. I don't really know if anyone reads this. I think, as chatty and extroverted as I am, the blog will never be my natural medium--it falls somewhere between the polished prose I hope I write most of the time, and the spoken brain churn that is me talking. Most especially because the shoulder thing was aggravated by many hours at the laptop, I think I'm shifting in my relationship to the actual physical computer. I never ever want to be a Luddite, and I maintain my suspicious of nostalgia--so much of what passes for mourning the past, I think, is really about our still scary romance with authority. So much of nostalgia can be boiled down to, "Back then, people didn't do those bad things." Which people? Which things? Usually the people didn't have the power, and the things were forbidden. And if only we stopped those people, and those things, if they would all just go back where they came from...

Equally toxic is the opposite, that the only good time is now, soon, early, faster, better. But that's another rant. I have to turn off this screen and walk my dog with my two (finally) good shoulders.


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