Monday, April 18, 2005

What the L Word

Good: Tony Goldwyn directs (yay, he knew how to use Viggo Mortensen before the hobbits got him) and acts (closeted lawsuit-happy possible stand-in for a few male actors of a certain age, double yay).

Not good: cheesy voyeuristic "I've bugged the lesbo house" plot is starting to feel more Lifetime than Showtime--i.e., cheesy and voyeuristic rather than post-modern. Even the actors seem tired of it.

Good: Laurel Holloman, as the way way pregnant and fairly spineless Tina gets some of the hottest hotness..

Bad: But spine vanishes as evil rich girlfriend seemingly decorates a room for her overnight (L.A-based heiresses can do these things). Makes it very difficult to convince my husband that Laurel H.'s performances used to be the epitome of "spunky."

Really bad: No literary references that I could hear, not even from the snooty writing teacher. No shout-outs to Maggie Gyllenhaal, which seemed to be becoming a weekly event. Very confusing after the recent reference orgy of Vasarely, Borges, Gaitskill, Moody, Miller.

Super special bad: Having the monumental Pam Grier return with an actual plot line, only for that plot line to turn out to be that old chestnut Married Men Let You Down, served with a topping of special sauce, Married Men Let You Down, Even When They're Transgender. Ilene Chaiken, I love you madly, but Give Pam A Plot!


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