Saturday, June 18, 2005

...because neatness is not enough...

I had a decluttering coach who said that you never kept things neat unless you had answered the question for yourself: “What am I making room for?” It wasn’t enough, she said, to just “be neat.” You had to be making space for a dream, a vision.

And while the cynical side of me wants to scoff, the dreamy side of me…has begun to pull it together. I didn’t start to lose weight until I replaced some of my not so hot habits with some better ones; now, I’m going to experiment with fixing up the apartment with a Tropical Vision in mind.

So that’s my idea: to declutter our very cluttery home by turning it into Key Largo, New Jersey; my husband and I are both big fans of the Florida Keys, and I never met a pink flamingo I didn’t want to buy. Wish me luck. I would love to hear from people who have managed to transform their clutterish habits into their versions of paradise….


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