Thursday, March 14, 2002

Something weird seems to be happening when I try to put in links. For right now, I am HTML-impaired. Or impaled.

Anyhow, my friend's name is Jessica Pallingston (what a great, bigger than life name), and you should buy her book.

Tonight, I ran four times around the Hoboken Pier A Park, which is almost directly across from what was the World Trade Center. The towers of light are beautiful, even though, from our point of view, you can only see one. The light seems to go on forever, solid, then evanescent. I flung out my arms as I ran, trying to take it all in. Meanwhile, there were lots of people in the park--it was an exquisite night, a running-in-t-shirt kind of night, and I think the park just called to people...and the light. The amazing light.

The first time I saw the light, it made me sad---I was standing on Sixth Avenue, and it was the first night. People were stopping on corners, as they had on 9/11, and they were just..staring. The light seemed weak. There was barely any moonlight, and the beams themselves seemed dull.

Now, already, they feel like an institution. A terribly sad one, but still there.


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