Tuesday, July 30, 2002


Up at my family's lakefront cottage for 2-1/2 blissful days, with four sisters (two of them pregnant), three brothers-in-law, three nephews, one niece, one godfather, one mother, and too many cousins to count. I counted three computers, one printer, one DVD player, one VCR. Miraculously, my niece and nephews spent most of their indoor time drawing, playing cards (okay, on the Mac), or challenging each other to a Simpsons-themed game of CLUE. The Tiny Nephew spent most of his time blowing bubbles and eating blueberries, though not at the same time. Who says the youth of today are lost?

Much discussion of bears: two spotted around the camp. Mice: omnipresent. Snakes: in hiding. One baby shower. One dessert-athon. One massive dinner at a lovely Italian joint, run by exiles from Brooklyn. Ecstatic eating of calamari, light, fresh, slightly gingered. Lots of catching up, as my family lives on both coasts now. It does amaze me how I do love them, my smart, funny, Irish/Anglo/Teutonic clan, who, as one cousin said, if they threw a triathlon, the three events would be running, swimming, and talking.


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