Saturday, October 05, 2002


Bruce Paltrow, father of Gwyneth, died of pneumonia, related to complications, they say, from a recurrence of throat cancer. He was over in Rome celebrating his daughter's 30th birthday. I never met him, but one of my friends befriended him. (This is the same friend who also managed to befriend Dennis Miller, Donna Hanover, and Mary Pipher---and work for Misterogers, to boot.) This friend visited the St. Elsewhere set several times, and always raved about Paltrow's...niceness. St. Elsewhere was my favorite show for a while, and was the spawning ground for my evil writing crush, Tom Fontana, who Paltrow mentored. One of the Times' obits refers to him as "a mensch."

This is pure blather. My dad died much the same way, though his cancer was no sudden recurrence. What a rotten thing.


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