Monday, December 16, 2002


It's never been any big secret to my friends that I have a crush on Al Gore. I've always had a thing for those nerd boys who you just want to get wild...though the last presidential election was full of non-fun, I still remember Jon Bon Jovi getting Al to dance till he sweated through his button-down shirt. And Saturday Night Live turned out to be an unexpected treat: Al doing a credible Trent Lott! Al in a hot tub romancing Joe Lieberman! Al confessing his secret pain to Stuart Smalley! All my nerd boy fantasies coming true.

So I'm sorry that he won't be running, because we finally got to see the Secret Al Gore journalists used to talk about--the poke-fun-at-himself Al Gore. But I'm glad he was enough of a nerd guy-grownup to clear the field early.


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