Wednesday, January 15, 2003


1. Jeff and I were featured in an American Demographics article about the new profile of pet owner. Apparently, we are on the cutting edge--over 40, no kids, decent income, and spoiling our dog rotten.

2. One of my crabby letters about "The Bitch in the House" was published in the New York Observer.

3. I did not one, but two readings this year, at the glorious club/cafe Halcyon, on Smith Street, in Brooklyn.

4. I sold an article to a national magazine! Yea! And they paid me!

5. One of my Best American Erotica stories was translated and published in an Italian anthology, with a very spicy cover--a beautiful spike bella.

6. That same story was voted slot #56 in the top 100 stories in Best American Erotica 2003.

7. I was an advice-giver in Jane magazine in the September issue, where I gave wise advice about ill-fitting engagement rings. (Something I know more than a little about!)

8. I was on WNYC yabbering about a word my mother invented.

9. I finished a 50,000 hunk of words in November.

10. I created a workshop on giving thanks.

11. I celebrated my second wedding anniversary!

12. I drove in an enclosed Hoboken parking lot, and did not hurt a soul!


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