Friday, October 24, 2003


How did it happen, this slide into nonblogging? Who can say? I suspect if I had a fan base, I might not have fallen away. On the other hand, there were short stories to write, and dogs to tend to, and husbands to go to movies with. But here I am, back, I think. The dog's paw is finally better, though not perfect. I did a reading at a groovy Lower East Side bar, the Happy Ending, last month...and, uh....I'm looking for more screenwriting consulting work. I'm good, I'm fast, I'm smart. And I've actually worked on t.v. movies that have gotten made. And I'm fun. Did I mention that?

I was about to add a link to a groovy blog I love...but she has just shut down shop. You know what, go there anyway. This is Ms. Sex Geek. Sexy, crazy, fun, spiritual. A kindred spirit.

More later. Perhaps on the subject: "Why My Dog is a Bread 'Ho."