Tuesday, September 28, 2004


I'm a fan. I wish he would go deeper sometimes, but he goes deep enough. Like here:

Powell's Books - Ink Q & A: Augusten Burroughs: "What fictional character would you like to date, and why?
Well, I chose a dead author instead of a fictional character because dead authors become fictional characters after a while. So, Ernest Hemingway. And I would tell him, 'Ernie, you've got to listen to me. I'm from the future and I know things. After you're dead, Thomasville is going to create an entire line of home furniture based on your name. You need to stop this from happening, now. Someday, you'll be known only for your coffee tables and credenzas.' "

Thursday, September 23, 2004


It happens. Real life, real work, intervene, and one (me) just doesn't make the time for the interstitiality of the blogosphere.

But I'm back, I think. And thinking about Madonna, again, and Vanity Fair, the book, which I have, miraculously, convinced my intrepid book group to read in two gulps. And playing with dog and husband, not necessarily in that order.

More later. Right now, I am thinking about what I heard Drew Barrymore say last week: "I want to make voting SEXY!"

Please do, Drew.