Saturday, December 06, 2003


It's a Saturday morning, right after a little blizzard. I'm listening to Mexican rock'n'roll. It's 6:11 a.m., and after having worked on my Big Fat Ridiculously Capacious Screenplay, I finally felt the urge to blog.

Here's what I'm thinking about: the resemblances between the movie ROMAN HOLIDAY and LOST IN TRANSLATION. Seriously, think about it. And the call and response of THE SWIMMER (nearly naked suburban guy discovers the truth about his life) and AMERICAN BEAUTY (rinse, repeat).

In both cases, I prefer the older movie. ROMAN HOLIDAY by a shade (hard to believe Gregory Peck could EVER do anything wrong, let alone....well, see the movie). THE SWIMMER is just...fucking dark. Whereas you can feel AMERICAN BEAUTY both spewing bile over a variety of American instiutions (marriage, job, military), and yet....struggling for that old whistle in the dark transcendence. The original ending of AB was much darker. Much darker. But the strange thing to me is that our contemporary "dark" movies lack the ice and bite of the movies of the 50s and 60s. And I miss that.


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