Monday, August 09, 2004


We went on vacation, the Husband, the Dog, and moi. It was excellent.
I enjoyed all that nature has to offer in the Berkshire Mountains, including a hike to glorious Bash Bish Falls, which are named after an Indian maiden (and clearly, a goddess in training) who refused to die—honest. Bash Bish was an adulterous Indian maid. The tribe’s usual custom with adulterous maids was to throw them over the very high, very deadly waterfall, and watch them plummet to their deaths, leaving soggy female corpses at the bottom of this wonder of nature.

However, when Bash Bish got tossed into the water, she vanished. All that was left was a grand swirl of butterflies.

When Bash Bish’s *daughter* became an adulterous maiden, guess what happened? Yup, they chucked her in the drink....But: no body, and more butterflies.

The tribe finally took the hint. They stopped throwing women into the falls after that.
Right on, Bash Bish! Right on, Bash Bish Jr.!


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