Thursday, July 11, 2002


Maybe it's just my inner Stephen King coming out--I've been listening to his wonderful book "On Writing," on tape. But yesterday, after me and the dog nearly got run over by Mr. Sportscar Man on Cell Phone making a hairpin turn...and then nearly got runover 10 seconds later by Mr. Guy Driving His Van While Eating With Two Hands, I began to wonder:

How long is it going to be before, say, a cell phone guy, say, in his 50s, making his big fucking important deal while driving his car smashes into a second cell phone guy in his 20s making HIS fucking important deal while driving his car....and we learn that they're father and son?

Really, honestly, I would love love love to be a detached and compassionate Buddhist for all you folks out there making your very important phone calls while driving, but here's the reality: if you hit me while talking on a cell phone, and you are not talking to a dying relative, then expect to meet your maker very soon. Because I will kill you.


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