Thursday, August 01, 2002


Improv class is over, long live improv class--except for our half hour show on Saturday, which I am trying not to think about. (That's actually one of the slogans of the Upright Citizens Brigade--"Don't think." My favorite is actually "Don't negate.") About half of us followed Liz, one of our classmates, who is a kayaking documentary filmmaker, across many avenues to have drinks on a floating bar: a pier right by Chelsea Piers. Big fun. We discuss, among other things, the mystery of Carrot Top, the standup comic who you just can't get away from in commercials, the playwright John Guare, writer Michael Chabon, and being homesick for Austin. The sun glittered, and, thanks to some kind of corporate party going on around one of the vintage pirate ships nearby, we were awash in canned music and grill smoke, and that feeling you get when something good is over.


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