Friday, January 31, 2003


It's not worth taking the old girl to the computer repair store again, because it has lasted longer than any computer I have ever owned. So I have ordered one online. And I am awaiting.

Last night I got a wild urge to make a new kind of Turkey Chili, which included mole sauce. I went to the A & P, where they had not heard of it. I went to the generally fabulous health food store, where they had not heard of it. I popped into a deli, a place so compulsively neat that the Anal Retentive Chef would have been momentarily happy. And the guy running the joint didn't have it, but knew what it was, and steered me to the Expensive Tiny Place that is sort of like Garden of Eden. And The Tiny Expensive Ones don't stock it anymore, not enough of a demand.


They did recommend me walking up the street to the tiny new very Mexican place. Where the waiter/proprietor proceeded to give me a paper coffee cup full of homemade mole, fragrant, warm, cinnamony mole. And would take no money.

Such are the pleasures of a town that thinks itself a city in the shadow of Manhattan. They may not have it, but they are willing to help you look. And when they do have it, they give it to you in a cup that reads: "It Is Our Pleasure to Serve You."


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