Monday, June 03, 2002


Went out last night. We were out on the terrace, enjoying the air. When there was a small boom. So small Jeff didn't stop talking. Then our neighbors, who were barbequing below, looked up at us. And then there was that weird "power down" sound. And then no electricity for several blocks. For several hours.

I grabbed my Walkman, a flashlight, a few candles, my cell phone. Jeff checked his pager. There was lots of stuff on the news about a wild forest fire in Ocean County, NJ, but nothing about us. Jeff called the cops, who gave us the good news: just a transformer fire, nothing nuclear, nothing big. We delivered the news from our terrace to anyone who was outside. It didn't even make 1010 WINS. In a way, that was comforting.

We did a few "first things" last night, including walking Faith by flashlight. Faith got all hopped up; she always assumes that when Jeff and I walk her together that we are Taking Her Somewhere. She seemed only slightly less excited when she realized that she was just going around the block.


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