Wednesday, June 05, 2002


Wow. Writer Caroline Knapp died of lung cancer yesterday.

She was 42. As we say in the recovery rooms, I had a lot of identification with her--nearly same age, lots of same addictions, including one to her dog. I loved her book Pack of Two, a terrific, quirky book about what having a dog will do to you, for good and for ill. If you are considering getting a dog, especially a dog from a shelter, read it twice.

I was, frankly, jealous of Knapp. The new age gurus tell you jealousy is a little tip that you want what the person has, and though I sometimes found too much of Knapp's internal workings in her essays, she also wrote a great, compassionate essay about the woman who founded Moderation Management--a recovery program that approves of social drinking--and who eventually killed two people while driving drunk. It's on somewhere, and when I am less lazy, I will plug in the link.

Life is short, man. Eat dessert first, preferably while hugging your dog.


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