Tuesday, June 11, 2002


An overdue huge thumbs up to the Upright Citizens Brigade, which is where I am taking my intro to improv class. UCB was/is inspired by Del Close, a Chicago guru of improv, who, when he died, willed his skull to the Goodman Theatre that it might be used for the "poor Yorick" scene in Hamlet. Talk about never retiring.

It's a terrific class--well taught, and chockfull of talented, generous people. Some actors, some not, and...surprise, surprise, for comedy: estrogen rich! Yep, more girlies than boys in the class. My brain is on fire the entire time I'm in the class, partly because I'm scared, and partly because I feel so inspired by the creative, wonderful choices people make. There was an improv last week between two guys that blended the words "prison" and "bunny slippers" into comic madness.


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