Friday, July 12, 2002


Vanity Fair is verbal crack to me, irresistible, but ultimately brain blasting.

This month...or rather, August's...cover boy is Benjamin Bratt, whose biggest problem seems to be he broke up with Julia Roberts. He's now married to the equally high cheek-boned Talisa Soto, who is having his baby.

And on the subject of babies: a long long article about Elizabeth Hurley and her ex, Stephen Bing, who managed to conceive a child together when Hurley's birth control was hosed by taking antibiotics. Bing may also have fathered the daughter of Kirk Kerkorian's latest ex-wife. He is not HAPPY about the way his sperm keeps popping up in these ladies, without his CONSENT. Goofy play by play by player commentary by James Caan, who claims to have taught the Bingman his way around the ladies. But not, apparently, around a condom.

Then, there's Baron Thyssen, the late mega rich guy with loads of wives, who, apparently can only be sure of the paternity of one of his children, and is now, postmortem, being squabbled over by various, um, possible progeny.

Mike Ovitz is also featured, complaining about a gay cabal, but at least he didn't make anybody pregnant.

I just love this magazine!


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